EARN $1,000.00 PER WEEK FOR EVERY 2 BOTTLES THAT YOU SELL to 5 other people
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"It’s A Miracle"
Is your hair short and won’t grow any longer? Did a chemical treatment, braids, color, chemo, or weave take your hair out? Is your daughter’s hair too short to braid?
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  This is your invitation to work for Daurham Corporation, and  earn $1,000.00 per week for every 2 bottles of our 16oz
“It’s A Miracle”, that stops breakage and promotes healthy hair growth, that you sell to 5 other people for $300.00, which includes application and processing fees, shipping charges and a $300.00 refund.

Eliminating Unemployment with $1,000.00 weekly

The Daurham Corporation is looking for self motivated people who want to earn $1,000.00 weekly. When you purchase 2 bottles of our product for $300.00, and sell 2 bottles to 5 people for $300.00 each, and that includes shipping charges and processing fees to make sure that everyone receives their checks on time ($1,500.00 total), we will pay you 1,000.00 and refund your $300.00 that you purchased your product with, so you can start over with your next 2 bottles and next weeks sales commission. When each of your 5 customers sell 2 bottles to 5 others, we will pay each of them $1,000.00 and refund $300.00 to each of them for their next 2 bottles and next weeks sales commission. To assure you that you‘ll always receive your $1,000.00 weekly, every one is required to start over by purchasing your next 2 bottles with the $300.00 refund and your same 5 customers, every time you receive a your $1,000.00 check.


Daurham Corporation’s Employment Application and procedure
(Step one) Print your information in the sponsors section, and make 5 copies of this employment application, and give one to each of your 5 customers that you must sell 2 bottles of our hair care products, by collecting a $300.00 money order, made payable to Daurham Corporation, from each of them (which includes 2 bottles of our hair care product, and shipping and administration fees for those responsible for sending your checks out to you on time). The purchase of 2 bottles of our product allows each of your customers to sell to 5 others, so they each can earn $1,000.00 also. Send daurham Corporation the five $300.00 money orders ($1,500.00 total), along with the 5 completely filled out employment applications and a self-addressed, stamped envelope.
(Step two) Daurham Corporation will send you a $1,000.00 sales commission check, a $300.00 refund, and 2 bottles of our product. We’ll also send each of your 5 customers an employment application so they can get started.
(Step three) Your 5 customers must each collect a $300.00 money order, made payable to Daurham Corporation for 2 bottles of our product from 5 others, and follow these same steps to each receive a $1,000.00 check, a $300.00 refund, and 2 bottles of our product also. If you want to receive even more money, you may re-enroll under someone that you enrolled, as many times as you want, with $300.00 and 5 people each time, and you can even re-cycle some of the same people who are already in our employment. And remember, the sooner you can send the money orders and employment applications in, the sooner you’ll receive your checks.
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 If you're unable to download this application, please contact us at daurhamcorp1@gmail.com, and request an application.

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